About Us


In our projects, we focus on optimising solutions through the use of advanced technologies.


We work on projects conducted in a BIM environment and use the tools of the Autodesk Revit MEP platform.


The backbone of the company is a team consisting of experienced designers and young and ambitious assistants.


Sinap is an office that also operates in the international market.


The success of the company is the trust and satisfaction of our customers.


Sinap is a rapidly growing company.

About Us


SINAP is a combination of experienced designers and engineers who form a close-knit team capable of tackling even the most difficult tasks. Thanks to the commitment of its employees, the company has been growing dynamically over the years, tackling more and more design challenges. The strength of SINAP lies in the people working within it.

Their understanding of economic and environmental aspects provides guarantees and success with the most complex issues posed to engineers throughout the construction industry. The company’s state-of-the-art BIM technologies, in addition to other industry-specific programmes, are a great support during project development and implementation on site.

SINAP defines a signature design statement describing quality, style of work and execution of the product to the highest standard. Long-standing cooperation with Polish and international Investors, as well as leading architectural offices allows the company to take an active part in prestigious realisations, where the main idea is to create technical solutions affecting the efficiency of investment implementation on many levels.

SINAP’s offer is addressed to Investors, architects, real estate agents looking for a professional approach to construction projects while maintaining the highest standards of service.